What Pimp My Bar guarantees?

– Mobile bar

– Professional bartenders until the party is over

– High standards of service and professional, trained bartending personnel – documented with interviews, videos – see the blog tab for details.

– Adjusted outfit – matching your primary colour, or an artistic theme (movie, theatre)

– Bar equipment

– Working flair

– tubes, stirrers, napkins, toothpicks etc.

– Technical support (minibar assembly & disassembly)

– Mini bar, and event spot arrangements

– A set of glasses of different kinds and shapes – (old fashioned, shot, hurricane glass, martini glass, long glass)

– A menu, dedicated for this occasion, with drinks prepared on a Young couple’s special request

– bar transfer according to your needs

– extra attractions – competitions and flair show

– fruits, flavored syrups, soft drinks

– a wide range of alcohols

– ice


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