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The Cannary Islands Challenge – Accepted!

The Best Bar Event team accepted another mission impossible – we were to take on the business development and client satisfaction for a Terraza House located on amazing Tenerife…

Imagine an emerald see, sunny light beaches, smiled, positive people and parties – all night long  .. Yes, I think you got the picture. Terraza House is owned by Ms. Dorota, who with her Spanish partner runs 18 more similar locations all over the Island… however  this one – is special!

Our team was to concentrate on selling quite everything stored in company’s stockrooms. It was supposed to be something of a fire sale – EVERYTHING MUSTO GO!

.. and while it’s being done, we were to create a band new menu, new cocktails and cocktail recipes, train over 15 staff members and as an overall effect – increase profits!

„It was a challenge but equally – one of the most interesting Bar Consulting-s in the whole Best Bar Event career”   Tomasz Malinowski

The question is – will we manage?

At first, it seemed easy – we’ve done a lot of such consulting before. This one hasn’t got anything new… so we thought.. and we were wrong – it was completely different! The Canary Islands are different – the climate, the people, the unwritten rules – they all had secrets we had to reveal and understand in order to deliver on our promise.  We have started with local bartenders – it’s one of the most popular profession here , as well as its profitable as long as you can last 10 hours of working straight, every day, with one day off. If you add heat, and huge humidity – you can almost feel the pressure. Our Market survey & research – a standard set of knowledge we acquire before taking any actions , provided us with some amazing information. Pubs don’t bother with advertising in most cases. They don’t  seek for new clients, nor they take care of the ones already gotten. It simply doesn’t pay off – in their opinion.  Their marketing strategy is to seat tight, and wait for someone to come and order a drink – and somebody usually does .. but i wouldn’t say it is a stable business model.  In fact, we’ve encountered only to bars, serving drinks of a decent quality and a worldwide standard. Only two!

Our clients ? Who they are? Where they are?

In most cases – they are simply bar visitors moving from one place to another, tasting drinks and rampaging for  kisses along the way. So basically- they’re tourists and they seldom come back to once visited cocktail premises. Tourist seeking value, exotic or simply entertainment and a good taste had a tendency to  dynamically change visiting places and constantly compare one to another. We had to propose the best, serve the best, and attract them to come back for our service and quality.

.. and we did just that !

We created a completely redesigned menu covering over 40 different kinds of drinks. We thought the staff on Flair Bartending and drink preparation with small elements of mixology. We’ve joined forces with our newly trained colleagues and delivered the deal successfully – sold everything to the last drop! But most importantly, we have surveyed and watched local communities, in consequence – creating valuable propositions for every age and profession.

That’s something our competitors haven’t thought off.

Mission accomplished  – awaiting next challenge. Yours maybe?

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