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BAR CONSULTING – We will make your Bar perfect!


Bar Consulting –  We will make your Bar pefect 

Developing a unique and profitable bar concept is our daily working passion!

Bar Consulting:

There are very few, full time bar consultants in the world – simply –  many of those who call themselves consultants are no more than bartenders with a busines card.

We are international Bar Professionals, working with flair skills, who are delivering a number of bar turnaround projects both in Europe and Asia.

Our goal is to make your Bar a perfect venue, where customers would love to come back… in packs, groups, and whole armies!

We believe that bar should be considered of equal importance to the kitchen and should be managed accordingly. Freshness of ingredients, quality control and consistency of recipes are identifiable portraitures depictions of our beverage program.

At Pimp My Bar we:

  1. Understand the financial data of the venue and we are specialists in increasing the profitability of your bar.
  2. Design and implement training programs for your staff to make your bar customers happy.
  3. Introduce working flair system for the bar management, new coktail menu and culture change across the venue.
  4. Are a proven motivator of management & staff

We guarentee that your Bar will become a memorable customer experience and your profits will go up!

Our Bar Consulting solutions can accommodate different aspects in successful Bar Management including:

  1. Cocktail list development
  2. Spirit selection
  3. Customized ice, juice, syrup and bitters programs
  4. Barware equipment recommendations
  5. Staff selection and training
  6. Ergonomic Bar Design
  7. Working flair and much more…


We are happy to work with different customer needs, businesses, or price levels as well as even sometimes crazy options – all in order  to find the perfect fit for your Bar whether it is a start up or a turnaround project, we are the best choice you possibly imagine.

Whould you like to know more? Send us an e-mial, describe  your bar project, and get ready for a positive blast!

Our Bar Consulting solutions are always unique & extraordinary –  this is our hallmark.









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