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Flair Show – Extreme emotions in an elegant style!


BARTENDER SHOW – Extreme emotions in an elegant style!

‘’Flair Bartender is every inch a gentleman gifted with merchantmen’s taste, sommelier’s skills and agility of a circus man’’


Flair bartending is a combination of unique show, skills and magic, making every event a special and unforgettable one…….’’– Tomasz Malinowski Flair Show Professional, Flair Bartender

Flair Show is not only about bartender tricks and the best cocktails in the world, but most importantly about passion combined with atmosphere one of a kind. – Tomasz Malinowski Flair Show Professional, Flair Bartender

Every show is different.

Every show is customized according to the clients’ requirements.

Every show is unique and memorable.

Every each is a breathtaking experience!


We guarantee the best quality money can buy, followed closely by prices everyone can afford!

You pay for the memorable show, which cannot be missed!

Best Bar Events were created by the group of top flair show bartenders, who has gained and polished its skills and experience working for the best Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Bars in Canary Islands and Asia with different bar projects and flair show assignments.

Flair Shows can be a perfect addition for both, corporate events like conferences, international meetings, opening ceremonies and personal use during anniversaries, as well as weddings and other celebrations.

Our Flair Show is always unique – always special, always glamorous, always a surprise and naturally – with a little umbrella on a sugared edge of your glass…

We are one of the best flair showmen in the world.

Experienced, skilful, creative, combining passion, love, taste and gravity into a set of amazing cocktail compositions, designed only for one purpose.


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