Our skills… “… taste goooooood! and an experiance to remember “

Test Pimp My Bar in action!

We are one the few companies in the world with such an extrordinary, international and intercultural experiance. We work with professionals, we train professionals, and we never stop half way!

We guarantee:

100% offer complience – our word is our currency Premisis preparation and service setup minimum – 3 hours before the event starts. Reliable, unchanged pricing for one year from the moment of onur initial offer

Test us for free!

We will prepare, a special offer suited for your needs including pricing and tech specification within 24 hours Questions? Impossible or unimagibalbe .. or simply crazy ideas?! Fire away & Let us “cath your flow”! The more we know- the better party we can help you prepare.

Bartending is not only our passion – it’s our sty and a way of life!

Tomasz Malinowski


60-725 Poznań Kolejowa street 1

Mobile tel. no.  513-916-977


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