Can you serve any special drinks for Bride and Groom?

During a unveiling and capping ceremony we serve drinks in fruits for Bride and Groom, as well as we prepare a special offer containing some our own original cocktails to choose from, during this special occasion.

How many types of glass you have for cocktails?

We offer 5 types of glass: shot, hurricane, old fashioned, collins and long glass.

Do you serve champagne at the beginning of the wedding?

Serving champagne and welcome drinks are our additional services that can will add variety to an event start. We serve champagne in several forms, combined with herbs, fruit and interesting welcome drinks. During the offer preparation we will recommend a few extra items to choose from.

Is a two-day event offer relatively cheaper?

The price offer for two days is not the sum of the price for the one day. Is correspondingly cheaper. You pay only for the bartenders work and additional ingredients: vodka, juices, soft drinks, fruit, ice – if all were used during the first day of the event. We are prepared to handle the event also the next day even if you make a decision about it on the event day, providing that the event is on Saturday.

Do you provide an ice for the events?

We provide the ice in special thermoboxes.

Do you take care of everything concerning organization of the party? Is our help also needed?

We do everything ourselves. However, on the request, we can share responsibilities and purchase specific components.

Do you serve drinks such as mojitos, pina colada, margarita, and other well-known cocktails?

We serve classic cocktails – known and appreciated by gourmet drinkers. At the same time we would like to encourage you to try out our innovative menu card, which offer herbal cocktails, infused spirits and syrups, flavored sugars, candied fruits and marmalades.

What happens with unused alcohol after the event?

Unused alcohol is being kept by the organizer.

What Pimp My Bar guarantees?

– Mobile bar

– Professional bartenders until the party is over

– High standards of service and professional, trained bartending personnel – documented with interviews, videos – see the blog tab for details.

– Adjusted outfit – matching your primary colour, or an artistic theme (movie, theatre)

– Bar equipment

– Working flair

– tubes, stirrers, napkins, toothpicks etc.

– Technical support (minibar assembly & disassembly)

– Mini bar, and event spot arrangements

– A set of glasses of different kinds and shapes – (old fashioned, shot, hurricane glass, martini glass, long glass)

– A menu, dedicated for this occasion, with drinks prepared on a Young couple’s special request

– bar transfer according to your needs

– extra attractions – competitions and flair show

– fruits, flavored syrups, soft drinks

– a wide range of alcohols

– ice


Can you assist in the purchase of vodka?

We assist in the purchase of vodka, as well as in selecting the best possible vodka at an affordable price. We have extensive contacts with sales representatives and several alcohol wholesalers.

Can you prepare drinks for children and pregnant women?

We care for pregnant women as well as children. For them we can prepare a special range of drinks based on fresh fruits and ice cream. We serve also equivalents of mojito, pina colada, etc. in the non-alcoholic version.

How much space a mobile bar takes?

Mobile bar need 3x3m a surface.

Where do you set the mobile bar?

Mobile bar is located in the most convenient location in the room so that the service is smooth, the crew has an easy access and guests can dance freely.

Have you got your own lightning?

Yes, we have our own lighting for bar, as well as our own lighting for bartending shows if necessary.

How many bartenders are needed to handle the wedding?

To handle weddings and parties we propose the following:

up to 80 geusts – 1 bartender

80-200 guests – 2 bartenders

200-300 guests – 3 bartenders + extra mobile bar module

more than 300 guests – 4 bartenders + extra mobile bar module

Is working flair included into offer?

Working flair is a separate service ordered at bride and groom request. If you use our service during the wedding you will get 30% discount for the working flair show.

How many drinks is in the Menu?

The menu is created on the organizer’s request, after prior consultation. It does not exceed 20 drinks along with the shots and soft drinks. This is enough to surprise every guest a few times with an appropriate cocktail.

Do you have your own glass?

We own several types of glass, for a different cocktails. We provide the glass with a mobile bar.

Do you have your own bartender equipment?

Yes, we have our own bartender equipment.

What the organiser needs to provide?

The organizer provides:

– free space for bar 3m x 5m wide, and 3m high

– door width should be at least min. 1.5 meters

– Access to water

– Access to electricity

– waiter help to collect glass from a room and a bar, and bringing a clean glass to a bar – there is a possibility of paid services on our site

– scald machine for the glass

– hoists for bringing the bar on the upper floors if necessary

Should I hire one or two bartenders?

Number of bartenders depends on the number of guests. If you want the bar to run smoothly and fast, we suggest two bartenders for more than 80 guests, and three bartenders for more than 200 guests.

Do you wash the glass yourselves?

The price of the service does not include a glass washing and hiring a dishwasher. A glass is washed by a service where the event takes place. In the case of events, where there aren’t any facilities for washing glass, we can organize a dishwasher and a person engaged in the glass washing.

Do you provide crushed ice?

We have our own electric crusher, crushed ice is prepared if needed all the time.

Who is responsible for alcohol or lack of it?

Alkohol i jego ilość jest zamawiany po uprzedniej rozmowie organizatora z firmą Pimp My Bar. Zawsze jesteśmy przygotowani na sytuację, kiedy zamówiony alkohol skończy się – posiadamy rezerwy w podstawowym asortymencie alkoholowym, który uruchamiamy w kryzysowych sytuacjach.

Can you remove and clean the glass from all over the the room?

We are able to hire a special person responsible for removing and cleaning the glass of the room. Although we always communicate with the owner of the object – the wedding house employees are responsible for collecting glasses and providing a clean glass at bar.

Is organizer obligated to provide accommodation in case of continuation of the event celebrations the day after?

Yes, organizer is obligated to provide accommodation for Pimp My Bar employees in case of handling the wedding party the second day.

Czy oferta w przypadku imprezy dwudniowej jest tańsza?

Oferta za dwa dni nie jest sumą pierwszego dnia. Jest odpowiednio tańsza. Płacą Państwo tylko za pracę barmanów oraz dodatkowe składniki: wódka, soki, napoje, owoce, lód – w przypadku gdy zostaną wykorzystane pierwszego dnia imprezy. Decyzję o pozostaniu barmanów na poprawinach, mogą Państwo podjąć w dniu imprezy – jesteśmy na to przygotowani w przypadku, gdy impreza odbywa się w sobotę.

Do you accept orders for one or two years in advance?

We accept orders for a year in advance, assigning another discount for guests who book our services for wedding earlier.

Do you have any free dates?

We always have free dates, we can handle several events throughout the one day.

Where can we see the recommendations for Pimp My Bar?

Our references and recommendations can be seen by opening the tab RECOMMENDATIONS and reviewing photos of past projects in the various offers.

Are weddings supported by men or ladies?

Weddings are supported by men usually, however it is possible to have ladies instead on request.

Are weddings handled by bartenders or by barmaids?

Weddings are handled by bartenders usually, however it is possible to have barmaids instead on request.

How does your mobile bar look like?

Our mobile bar is available to be seen at the Blog tab and in the offer sent by e-mail.

How long the set of the bar takes?

The set of the bar takes less than an hour together with the distribution of all the equipment and bar decoration.

Do you use a mobile bar or a restaurant bar while handling events?

We generally handle the events using our mobile bars (see video on tab Event Bar) adjusted to the specific event. We are ready of course to use restaurant bar instead, if the bar is appropriate and that is the wish of the bride and groom. Nevertheless our mobile bars are specially designed to handle mass events which significantly speeds up serving of cocktails.

Is Pimp my Bar available on entire Europe territory?

Yes, we service the entire Europe territory.

How long does the bartending service last?

The bartending service lasts from the beginning to the end of the event.